A creative resource I started a few years ago. wén (文) zuò (佐) works to increase the scope and know-how of underserved queer persons. Wenzuo continues to evolve as more resources become available.

PoW (PieceofWork.FM)

PoW takes the point of view of artists from different backgrounds to create new expressions across presented mediums. Music is programmed by Robert Yang while presentation of works are expressed through collaborators trained in visual communication.


Bézier is California-bred, American electronic musician Robert Yang. Their productions walk the line between soft and hard, emotive and gritty. From an early interest in braindance and IDM, Bézier’s influences are wide-ranging, resulting in music that is as carefree as it is relentless.

miv. (mémoire involontaire)

A music label I launched. Engaged illustrator Benedikt Rugar and designer Diego Scaro to strategize a brand look and feel. Our goal was to launch a record label with various album artwork, website, and logo to coincide with music releases by Bézier.


Started in March 2020 as artist and label. The music represented here is proximal to the Midwest sound with a 90s SoCal car stereo flair cruising up and down the I-5 freeway.